Conference Awards

Best Student Paper Award

Description: This award recognizes the best paper authored primarily by a student and registered and presented by the same student at CPSSE 2024.

Eligibility: All student papers (the first author of the paper should be student)presented at CPSSE 2024 are eligible. There are no restrictions as to organization, nationality, race, creed, sex, or age for student.

Basis for Judging: A selection committee will be appointed by the CPSSE Awards Committee. The finalists are selected based on technical merit, originality, potential impact on the field and clarity of the written paper.

The finalists will be notified prior to the conference. They will present their works in the conference plenary best student paper award session that is attended by the selection committee. The committee listens to the presentations, the questions from the audience and the authors' answers. The committee also invites comments after each presentation and considers them in the evaluation. The selection committee then decides upon the winner.

There will be a number of technical sessions in the conference under different themes. These awards are provided to the presentations that have been selected to be the best in each session. The main purpose of this award is intended to reward the presenters for the extra effort it takes to prepare a top caliber presentation. Through this mechanism we hope to encourage an even higher caliber of presentation.

Best Oral Presentation Award

Evaluation Criteria for Oral Presentation: Each presentation is evaluated by two session chairs and the average mark of both session chairs is taken as the final mark. The best presentation from each oral session will be selected based on the final mark. Below 6 aspects are taken into consideration for this award: ▪ Applicability ▪ Originality ▪ Significance ▪ Visual Aids ▪ English Delivery ▪ Timeliness

Best Poster Award

Evaluation Criteria for Poster Presentation: Every poster presentation is evaluated by session chair based on below criteria. And the presentation with the highest mark in each poster session is selected as the Best Poster Presentation Award. ▪ Depth of Content ▪ Introduction and Abstract ▪ Content knowledge and organization ▪ Poster Design and Overall Visual Appeal ▪ Verbal Interaction